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What is HappyPesa?+
How can I register with HappyPesa?+
How can I recover my password?+
Will my details be safe?+
I don’t have enough Internet access on computers, is there any other way?+
Can I call you in case of any discrepancies?+
Can I meet you before picking a plan?+
My account login failed, is my account hacked?+

e-Wallet and Services

What is HappyPesa e-Wallet?+
How can I protect my HappyPesa account?+
No cash back credited to my account:+
Can I transfer the amount in my e-Wallet to my Bank account?+
Do I need to fill in my details for transferring money to my bank account?+
How can I check my HappyPesa balance?+
Does the amount in my e-Wallet have an expiry date?+
Can I use my e-Wallet balance to recharge & make payments?+
Is transferring amount from HappyPesa e-Wallet to Bank account chargeable?+
Can I pay without credit/debit card?+
How much time does the recharge to reflect in my account?+
Do you charge commission for recharges?+
Whom should I contact in case of tariff plan confusion?+
Can I transfer Money around the world?+
What Payment modes does HappyPesa accept?+
Is there an expiry for the offers and plans?+
Will the same offer be available for my use the next time I wish to use it?+

Products & Services

How can HappyPesa make me earn?+
Which is the best-suited plan for me?+
Is it safe to pay online?+
Does HappyPesa assure paying my earned amount?+
Can I have more than one account?+
Is my Money safe with happypesa?+
What is the incentive scheme?+
Is there an expiry for the Plans purchased?+
Will I get points for every person I refer?+
Is it Legal?+