Funky roots

  • ‘HappyPesa’ is a term coined from two popular and closely related words: “Happiness” and “Paisa”. The essence is simple and obvious; EARN MONEY AND BE HAPPY! For everyone up and down the socio-economic ladder, what matters is income…daily, monthly, yearly and the entire life-time.

  • HappyPesa is all about converting relatively unproductive mobile-browsing hours into productive ones by making use of various processes and features, which are made available primarily through the mobile app and the website.

  • HappyPesa is the brainchild of Mr. Joyal Daniel, a young entrepreneur and technology enthusiast based in New Delhi who, deriving inspiration from the Digital India movement, came forward to use technology so that it benefits the common people in the country. With this view in mind, Mr. Daniel along with his sister Mrs. Reena Daniel, formed the organization HAPPINESS EASY LIFE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED in July 2016 and started the brand HAPPYPESA.

  • Our processes are simple: download the app, complete some activities and earn, refer a friend and earn again, use the services offered by the platform and earn little further, your friend refers someone and you earn once more, he or she refers someone and you earn yet again…and the process goes on and on! The beauty of the concept is while doing common online activities the user gets to earn money, which if calculated over a certain period, may not even substantial but eventually a huge and unprecedented revenue figure for the user.

  • We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. Rather, we are adding the right set of wheels to give more dynamism and prolonged continuity to the whole concept of earning. From easy earning solutions to complex digital identity or ecommerce business – the HappyPesa platform offers an out-of-the-box solution for many things one needs both in business and personal lives. The beauty of the concept is you get to start everything from day one and that too, from a single point.

  • A powerful and motivated team composing of technology-driven and creative minds and backed by visionary thought-leaders with profound business acumen, HappyPesa is destined to move ahead with unmatched speed. And as we move, we are going to take the entire HappyPesa family towards prosperity and meaningful life.