Garcinia Cambogia Capsules

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Garcinia Cambogia is an unripe fruit of Vrikshamla, with a hot potency; it pacifies the bad elements of the body. Although it is sour in taste, the medicinal benefits are high. The medicinal values of Garcinia help cure dysentery, intestinal tumors, cardiac issues, bacterial infection, water retention, and various other problems in the body. Garcinia oil is beneficial in skin and hair hydration along with maintaining the blood sugar and cholesterol levels. With numerous benefits of this fruit, Garcinia Cambogia has made its name amongst the younger generation for its miraculous weight loss benefits.

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Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical citrus fruit also famous as Malabar Tamarind grows in the Southeast Asia. The fuit has a small pumpkin like structure and is green to pale yellow in color. Garcinia is a popular weight-loss supplement due to the  Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) present in the fruits rind, is considered a miracle fruit for fat reduction. Historically used for cooking, in the recent years gained immense popularity for its effective weight loss features. The 100% natural and organic fruit also suppresses the appetite or food cravings ensuring low carbohydrate intake. Garcinia increases metabolism and converts the carbohydrates into energy. It is also a great anti-depressant, managing the stress levels, boosting energy and creating wonders for the body with its miraculous presence.

How does it work

Garcinia Cambogia is rich in hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which has the properties of targeting and breaking the fat cells in the body. This popular weight-loss supplement has dual actions in the body, firstly it helps suppress the appetite and convert the carbohydrates into fat cells to give more energy, rather accumulating the fat cells in the body. Secondly, it suppresses the diet by giving s feeling of fullness. The HCA, known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helps reduce the bloating due to water retention in the body, reducing the weight effectively. Garcinia has other health benefits also apart from weight and fat loss; it helps manage the blood sugar levels naturally, and increases the energy levels, manages cholesterol, improves mood, reducing anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

Best suited for 

Weight Loss, Low Energy, Fatigue, Joint Pain, Diarrhea, Weak Intestines, Fat Loss, Aneamia


Active Ingredients:
Garcinia Cambogia Extract (850mg)
Inactive Ingredients:
Q.S Harad & Gelatin Capsules


The above description is provided for information only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult your physician or the appropriately licensed professional before engaging in a program of exercise or nutritional supplementation

1) Effective weight loss
2) Burns stored fat
3) Increases metabolism
4) Suppresses Appetite
5) Inhibits Fat Production
6) Increases Stamina
7) Lowers Cholesterol
8) Boosts Immunity
9) Reduces joint pains
10) Stabilizes Blood Sugar