Graviola Extract Capsules

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Graviola might have become popular recently in the west, whereas it has a history of herbal treatments and remedies in ayurveda. Graviola, aka the Soursop is a small plant measuring a maximum of 10meters height, is retained from the tropical America. Apart from its importance in ancient medicines, it also has numerous health benefits and strengthens the immune system preventing bacterial and viral infections. It is a highly famous dietary supplement used by the modern women, since it prevents the UTI infections caused easily by using public conveniences. It is a great immunity booster for kids as well as men and help them combat the bacterial or viral infections from entering the body.

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Graviola is a Soursop fruit found in the African, South American and Southeast Asian forests, traditionally used for treating infections, parasites, arthritis, and viruses. Age-old medicines have graviola leaves as the ingredient for treating cancer and infections. The high antioxidant benefits, strengthens the immune system and biological functioning of the body, against common ailments. Graviola tastes similar to a strawberry and pineapple mixture. Part from the medicinal values, Soursop fruit is also used in jams, ice-cream, juices and other food items for its nutritional value and delicious custardy apple like taste. The photochemical in the graviola plant, has powerful anti-bacterial properties and effective for treating skin cancer with topical application. It is high in vitamins and minerals including A, B1, B2, and C. Due to the multi-vitamin properties, it is good for skin, vision and hair. It tends to relax the body muscles, diminishing the effects of cardiac arrest, and lowering the hypertension with its nutrient values and hormone balancing benefits. The custard apple has the strength to fight diseases and strengthen the immune system due to its constituency of magnesium, calcium, fiber, phosphorus, and calcium apart from the vitamins and minerals.

How does it work

Soursop leaves make for the most important and beneficial part of the entire tree. The Soursop leaves contain Acetoginin with basic compounds namely asimisin, bulaticin and squamosin. The Acetoginin helps repel bacteria, parasites, pests, preventing them from infecting the body. Scientific research also proves the leaves of the Soursop tree have miraculous anti-cancer properties and helps kill cancer and tumor cells from spreading. Apart from this, the highly nutrient and vitamin rich plant, regulates the nervous system and the digestive tract, further reducing fatigue, tiredness, weakness, pain and other health conditions. The affected areas in the body are targeted and the diseases are eliminated.

Best suited for 

Bacterial infectionas, urinary infections, swelling, pain, Treating Blister Skin, Coughs and Cancer, low immunity


Active Ingredients: Graviola(Soursop) 500 mg
Inactive Ingredients:
Gelatin Capsules


The above description is provided for information only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult your physician or the appropriately licensed professional before engaging in a program of exercise or nutritional supplementation. 


1) Stronger immune system
2) Increased energy
3) Heart disease and nerve disease prevention
4) Pain Reduction (Swelling & Inflammation)
5) Protect against cancer
6) Good for Asthma and Cough
7) Prevents Urinary Tract infections
8) Useful for working women
9) Rich in Vitamin C
10) Anti-aging