refund policy


Policy for HappyPesa Business Plans:

HappyPesa offers multiple paid business plans which are available for a yearly subscription fee. Once a plan is purchased, no refund will be given against the payment made for the plan. Moreover, no refund will be issued for any optional services you may have purchased while taking the plan.

At any time, you upgrade or downgrade your HappyPesa account with a new plan; a credit will be issued to your HappyPesa account as per the plan, while upgrading. This credit will be applied immediately to the HappyPesa account, and will not be refunded. Please note that HappyPesa does not offer any option to downgrade from a higher plan to a lower one.

Policy for utility services:

The utility services which include but not limited to mobile recharge, DTH recharge, gas bill payment, data card/landline bill payment etc. are provided to our partner service providers through secured API (application programming interface) connectivity. Since, HappyPesa simply provides an interface/window towards the fulfillment of these services, the connectivity to the service provider’s server and the interlinked processes are beyond the control of HappyPesa. So, HappyPesa cannot guarantee/assure any refund in case of any failure during the process which is affected by the partner service or the actual service provider. However, if the cause of any failure is rooted in our system, you can be assured of the fact that HappyPesa takes care of every measure to return the amount in your account.

Policy for shopping services:

The shopping services and various deals and coupons most of which are part of “shop and earn” feature are provided by 3rd-party aggregators and may take you to a third party website and any purchase made or returns, must be done on the same website; we may not be responsible for any returns or exchanges that you may initiate with that website or online store.