why choose us

What HappyPe$a does for you

Financial freedom

HappyPesa can give you the ultimate financial freedom by helping you earn multiple times the average monthly income that you have at present. What an Indian middle-class person accumulates from 25-years of active salaried job, HappyPesa can help earn the same amount and much beyond in less than a year!

Improved health and lifestyle

As an added benefit, HappyPesa brings you top-quality dietary supplements and nutraceutical products which are suggested by top scientists and doctors around the world. A healthy life is necessary while you enjoy your wealth. Isn’t it?

Social status

Your social status gets uplifted with a change in your lifestyle as you disembark in your journey towards a financially secured life. You get noticed, start drawing respect and finally in the limelight in your society. And everything because you use the HappyPesa app on your mobile!

Savings out of monthly budget

Through our partner network, we bring you products from major online brands ranging from fashion apparel to household items and from travel to daily needs – all these are at discounted rate from the online retailers. At the top of that, what you get is earning benefits as you continue to shop. These benefits are accumulated in your account in the form of direct and referral earning which you can actually withdraw.

Realize entrepreneurial dream

The journey of an entrepreneur begins with investment, team, business plan risk and so on. But with HappyPesa the journey begins with just a paltry investment and rest is taken care by us. Before you realize, you become an entrepreneur running your own successful business with steadily growing revenue.

Combining happiness in a pack

The HappyPesa Combo Product Packs are simply treasure-troves of chosen products for you. You get multiple options to choose the combination of products you prefer, which comes as additional benefits as you join HappyPesa as a premium customer.

How we make this happen:

Make use of your spare time
Make your social network help you earn
Top quality products at rock-bottom price
Auto-generating revenue model
Multiple tasks and activity for generating earning
Your own account manager

Where exactly we are making the difference:

In-house technology team

We understand the criticality of control over technology in every step of any online business. We believe that the services of a 3rd-party vendor, even if it is the best technology service provider in the market, may be limited after a certain period. Naturally, we cannot simply compromise on this and that’s why we have a strong technology team comprising of highly-talented software engineers and experienced project managers. From a small icon displayed on our website or app to the huge application administration control panel – everything is done by our in-house team.

World-class data-center

The entire application that runs the HappyPesa website and app are served through world’s no.1 web server provider – Amazon Web Services (AWS). The highly secured and state-of-the-art AWS data-center keeps your data safe from all external threat with 100% security.

No outsourced support process

My customer, my pride. A motto that drives the customer care and technology support team at HappyPesa. Providing top-level customer support needs relentless zeal towards maintaining quality in every aspects and we may not expect that from an outsourced vendor.

Well-invested infrastructure

The investors at HappyPesa are spending crores to build the physical infrastructure, technology team, administration system, merchandising process etc. over more than a year. The whole system is the fruit of a well-thought business plan and equally apt execution process projected over several years in the future.

A large globally partnered network

HappyPesa partnered with 75+ affiliate partners across the globe who are further networked with thousands of advertisers. The tasks and activities which are given to you are actually financed by these advertisers who want their products and services to reach a global audience. As a result, our customers get never-ending lists of tasks giving opportunities to earn at an unprecedented level.

Not just another startup, it’s an invested startup

Most of the startup businesses struggle for fund even with a unique and business-worthy idea. Unlike these startups where investment is life and death for the business owner, HappyPesa’s founders are themselves investors running various other businesses successfully. For the business owners at HappyPesa, it’s a dream to make the customer financially happy.

Trademarked and authenticated

HappyPesa is a trademarked business and we follow all government regulations applicable for a business. For details, please visit this link.

Certified and secured online system

Our domain is certified with EV SSL (provided only to selected business after thorough verification) and the whole application is certified by a renowned organization that offers similar services to large banks, government sector organizations etc.

Most secured payment system

HappyPesa ensures complete security to your confidential information and does not share any details with third party users. We have 256-bit SSL for the links and one of the top bodies in the world authenticates our system. For details, please visit this link.